The purpose of Meshed is to act as a bridge connecting Makers, Communities & Patrons.

Meshed intends to be a Social Enterprise, with the objective of empowering Makers to serve the community by pursuing their passions, and doing so in a sustainable manner.

What this actually means – ‘elevator pitch’ aside – is that we are a collective of individuals & groups of people, shared values and vision, with a passion for Making & the (Free Culture) Maker-community, who want to continue doing good work, commit themselves to it as a vocation, but who also want to be able to eat, pay rent, or afford to take a day off to spend with our families.

You know – the little things in life that make it all worth while 🙂

We plan on achieving this objective by working with other communities, groups and people together on projects & activities that has a beneficial outcome to the wider Makers ‘ecosystem’, and – we hope – our communities & society as a whole.

We endeavour to create a safe and fertile creative environment where people from diverse backgrounds can express themselves, their stories and ideas, but one where we – as a collective and organisation – can help support each other by sharing the responsibilities associated with good, running a sustainable endeavour.

If you have a constructive opinion to share or want to work with us, please feel free to get in touch.