We have and are collaborating, and are ourselves part of some other groups with shared values & interests.

Auckland_Council_Logo.svg TSI2 mesa

Members were invited by TSI from Auckland Council to participate in the Mesa & Cadeira programme, to help co-develop some of the projects & activities we’ve continued to support.


We’ve been collaborating with The Roots Creative Entrepreneurs on the #MakerHood community-outreach movement, taking concepts from MakerSpaces out into communities


We participated in Techweek Auckland from ATEED by organizing the MakerTrail


We’re helping to support the Tactile Astronomy project – creating kinesthetic means of sensory-impaired youth to engage with astronomy & astrophysics


Some of our people are members & co-founders of their local MakerSpaces & other community creative-places

We’ve been working with the developers from Frogshark in developing a immersive (VR-like) mobile application, stemming from the #MakerHood project, to encourage civic-engagement